Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Captain Lesley Harrison - Log 1.0

Today was the day I picked up the final member of our team, Lewis Luttwidge Dodgson. Cocky little geek he is but I have a feeling that the team will help him to loosen up a bit. Should be great as an understudy for Doc Walker and from what I've heard he excels in engineering which is good cos we need someone who can sort us out with some proper gear. He'll be the only one of the team I didn't specifically seek out myself as he applied for the job through the zoo. I guessed that he would have had a better knowledge of what actually goes on here than the others but I was wrong. The Arnold's had told him just enough to get him on board before dumping him on my doorstep at the crews' HQ. It looked like it was up to me to have to explain the job description to everyone. I knew that Gray would take it in his stride but I was less sure on the kids and even less enthusiastic about what this new lad was going to think of things once he knew the whole deal. Luckily I had Doctor Bob on hand to help me out.

The thing about Doctor Bob Walker is that... well... she's a girl see. Not many people know this as she publishes most of her scientific work online and doesn't like too much in the way of publicity. This didn't bother any of us though as no one was actually familiar with any of her work before I started gathering us together 6 months ago and there's no chance of any sexism happening with Alexis being half of the muscle in the team! In fact the only one who was bothered by the Doc being a girl was the only one who had heard anything about her before this, the newbie, Lewis. His face was a right picture when I introduced her! She was less than impressed with his bumbling efforts of apology but eventually saw the funny side when the rest of us started laughing.

All except Gray of course. He just sat there smoking those foul smelling cigarettes that he always seems to have. One of the many little vices he has that we have to put up with but he's worth it in the end. I wouldn't want anyone else on this job with me. And I think even the kids are lighting up to him. Alexis couldn't not like anyone anyway and I think some of that's rubbing off on Jack. Those two seem to spend so much time together that they're gonna end up acting the same, which is all good news for me. If they're going to be watching my back when things get physical then I want them in tune with each other. And it’s good to see Jack talking to a girl without talking to her wink wink as well. Boy does he love the ladies! I know the Doc for one is starting to get annoyed by his continuous leering. All he needs is a good slap now and then to keep him in line, he's a good lad after all.

Once all the introductions were out the way though I finally got on to why they were all here. I tried to break it to them easily about what it was we were actually guarding. Gray had always suspected that is wasn't an ordinary zoo because why would I need him if it was? I’m perfectly able to handle animals and manage a small team as I had shown in my Kenya years on the games reserves. He knew that this would be something different. Why else would I be calling on someone like him? Someone who does what he does? The kids aint stupid either. Jacks been hounding me since the day I brought him on board to tell him what the deal was. That was until he got his first smack round the head. He still pushes it though, little bugger that he is. Alexis was on the edge of her seat as always, hugging her knees and fidgeting. Damn kid can’t sit still for 2 minutes! Only time she's totally still is when she has her eye to the scope of a rifle. Sometimes scares me how much that girl changes when she has her hands on a tranquilliser gun. I’m just happy she didn't have one when the Doc brought out the dragon.

It was only a small one but enough to send Lewis falling backwards off his chair. A juvenile Welsh Inferno it was, still in his cage so couldn't do no harm to anyone even if he wanted to, which he wouldn't. The Welshies are the softies of the zoo, never flaming anyone unless they're severely threatened and even then they're much more in the 'Flight over Fight' camp.

The Doc tried to explain things but she's always been a little too scientific about things for the crew to fully understand, Jack in particular, so I took over. I explained things as simply as I could.

The zoo was made for dragons.

So far there were a total of 9 dragons at the zoo with 3 different species. 5 of the Welshies which seem to live in groups, 3 of the water loving Scottish Sea Dragons and just one of the English Tyrants. There used to be two of them but, well... they're an aggressive bunch and don't seem to get on well with others. The Arnold's found that out the hard way. Just like Jack found out that dragons are hot! The Doc tried to warn him of course but he likes to show off just a little too much.

As soon as I mentioned that this particular breed was, to all intents and purposes, completely harmless, he was up off his seat and wandering over for a closer look. I knew he would try touching it, he has to touch everything, but I've also come to learn that the best way to make Jack remember things is to let him mess up once. That way he rarely messes up again.

So that's why I let him stroke the dragon.

Now the Welshie is one of the hotter dragons we have. The hottest in fact. Hot to the point where you don't even want to touch them without the fireman's gloves we have to hand. Let’s just say that we had to have Gray have a good look at Jack’s hand afterwards. It was quite a mess.

The crew had a lot of questions but luckily Doctor Bob had all the answers, and a handy leaflet that the Arnold girl had written, as for some reason that girl seems to be one of the leading authorities on the lizards, to the point even where we've been told to stop calling them lizards because they're something new altogether. As different to modern lizards as modern lizards are to dinosaurs.
Everyone seemed to be pretty excited by the whole thing except for Gray who, as always, took it in his stride. As he put it “Does the camel get excited for chocolate?” I swear I don't understand half of what he says.

That evening, after we had eventually gotten Jack and Alexis to calm down and stop playing 'dragons', I told the group about their activities within and outside of the park. We are the Dragon Zoo Crew. We are here to make sure the lizards stay under control and to guarantee everything is as safe as it should be, attending to all security measures within the park. I had also been told by the Arnold's that we would be required to go off site to oversee the acquisition and retrieval of any new specimens that the park had been authorised to capture. What I didn't tell them is that as there was no real authority on dragons then we would be setting out to capture any dragon we could. After all, we aint going to be the only ones after them...

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The Dragon Zoo Crew - Pictures


over at DZ we got the artist to knock up some charactures of us lot here in the DZ Crew.

This is us.

As we carry on with this blog you're gonna find out a lot about at us so I aint gonna waste by breath (or my words) here. Just put names to faces.

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Friday, 16 July 2010

Dragon/ Lizard

Dragon Zoo. They got dragons but we call them lizards. Filthy stinking fire breathing lizards. People complain that what we're doing is animal cruelty, it aint. If there's a dangerous serial killer on the loose shedding blood where ever he goes what do you do? Yeah. You lock him up.

So Dragon Zoo aint cruel but we are kind. I know some people in this country would rather they were free and flying about "as nature intended," that's about as likely as Osama Bin Laden coming out of his cave and turning himself in after being the worlds greatest hide and seek champion since 2001. SO, where does that leave us? Me and my team do what we gotta do, we capture the ones that we find and we give them a good home in a controlled environment. In an environment where no one gets hurt, especially if I do my job properly. If we didn't? If we just left all those reported sightings uninvestigated? I'll wager that there'll be hell on earth.

Welcome to the blog of the DZ Crew.

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