Friday, 16 July 2010

Dragon/ Lizard

Dragon Zoo. They got dragons but we call them lizards. Filthy stinking fire breathing lizards. People complain that what we're doing is animal cruelty, it aint. If there's a dangerous serial killer on the loose shedding blood where ever he goes what do you do? Yeah. You lock him up.

So Dragon Zoo aint cruel but we are kind. I know some people in this country would rather they were free and flying about "as nature intended," that's about as likely as Osama Bin Laden coming out of his cave and turning himself in after being the worlds greatest hide and seek champion since 2001. SO, where does that leave us? Me and my team do what we gotta do, we capture the ones that we find and we give them a good home in a controlled environment. In an environment where no one gets hurt, especially if I do my job properly. If we didn't? If we just left all those reported sightings uninvestigated? I'll wager that there'll be hell on earth.

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