Thursday, 20 January 2011

DZ Crew Update - Jack 1.0 - Dragon Sightings

These damn dragon sightings were beginning to get me down. It seemed like every week we were being asked to go somewhere else.

"It's the reputation of Dragon Zoo that's on the line if we don't"

"What if someone is attacked?"

"What if someone blames the zoo for the dragon on the loose?"

The problem was, whenever we responded to these sightings, there was always nothing there.

For one, it takes us at least 24 hours from the reported dragon sighting until we get to actually show up at the location. And secondly, it's a dragon. It doesn't hang about.

Well, it was with another large slice of my belligerent attitude that I finally got on the C130 Hercules aircraft that would take us to Antarctica.

We’d flown to the end of Chile via conventional airline but now it was time for something a little more robust, a little more military to take us to the extremes of the planet. Even if we didn’t catch a glimpse of anything whilst we were there, even we didn’t even see a single footprint, it wouldn’t matter. The excitement of going somewhere as cool as Antarctica had completely re-charged my batteries, completely made me forgive the last ten wasted trips.

As the plane took off I knew that funny rumbling feeling in my stomach wasn’t just because of the wheels bumping down the runway at 80mph, I knew it was excitement. I couldn’t wait to get there. But I HATED flying. This job in the DZ Crew often made me face my greatest fears and flying was definitely one of them. Unfortunately since these episodes of dragon sightings there’s been nothing but flying for me. I didn’t think I would ever be able to get anywhere in an aircraft without the feeling of nausea.

Despite my fears of flying, as a kid I always dreamt of going into space, visiting different planets like the ones you see in Star Wars movies. Deserts and Snow covered landscapes. Extremes. Well unless someone from NASA reports a dragon sighting on the moon I guess that’s one dream that’s not gonna happen. But Antarctica? That is as close as you can get to an alien landscape for me without leaving Earth.

I closed my eyes and sat still. I couldn’t wait for the flight to be over and the adventure to begin.

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