Saturday, 22 January 2011

DZ Crew - Jack 2.0 - Getting closer to the Antarctic dragon sighting

When I opened my eyes I was surprised to find that I was still in the cramped confines of the aircraft. I’d been dreaming while I slept, dreaming of a blazing snow storm that had completely surrounded us. As the snow and wind whipped around us I just managed to look up in time to see clear blue skies before I awoke.

My dreams were always more vivid before going on an expedition, or a mission as Harrison calls them. I guess they’re some sort of mental preparation, a way of making me less nervous. I was just grateful that it relieved some of the pressure on my conscious thought.

I looked around me, the entire team were here, deep in their own thoughts. I was unfortunately wedged between the two giant frames of Harrison and Gray. I’m sure it was deliberate. I often think they try and keep me away from Lex. I looked over, her purple hair was in a ponytail and she was listening to her IPod with her eyes closed. Her head was resting against Lewis’ shoulder. Lewis looked up from the motion detector he was playing with and threw me a wink. I looked away with instant annoyance. He knew he shouldn’t be messing with electronic equipment on the flight, the pilot had even warned against it before takeoff. I tried to convince myself that his constant meddling with gadgets was the source of my sudden mood.

I was shaken from my thoughts as plane hit down hard on the runway. Bits of kit that Lewis hadn’t properly secured rained down from above him onto his head. The inner walls of the fuselage were covered in bright orange netting that was swinging around wildly as the plane hurtled down the runway. We bumped along at speed for some distance before the pilot finally brought the plane’s speed down to begin taxiing.
The plane had landed but we weren’t there yet. It had touched down at one of the research stations on an island off the main continent. We still had a boat journey that would take us to the mainland and close to the source of the dragon activity.

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