Monday, 14 March 2011

DZ CREW - Jack 7.0 - The Cave

I stood at the foot of the snow covered hill and soon realised that it was a pretty foolish description. It was more like a mountain. I’d began searching the area at the base of the rock, there was no use climbing up it, and was soon onto a massive lead. Not only had I found a series of footprints in many varying sizes, but I’d also discovered where they led...into a cave. The hulk of rock must have protected the prints nearest the cave from being covered in the snowstorm! This had to be them, the rest of the DZ team would have to be in the mountain range somewhere. Thinking about it, where better for a bunch of lizards to hide and where better to shelter from the snow storm? I checked my pack and found my head-torch, placing it on top of my hat instead of the snow goggles. Relieved that the batteries were still in working order (I’d completely forgotten to check since Brazil and the Fish Hunters) I began to explore the cave entrance.

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